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TOKA is a service that helps to manage and distribute digital assets flexibly. Through this service, users can receive fair compensation for their digital assets (tokens, works, copyright, etc.).



TOKA Hodl Event Report

TOKA Hodl Event Report Pt. TOKA Nasional Indonesia. announced ‘TOKA Hodl Event’ in the last announcement.…

[공지] TOKA 전용 서비스 구조 공개 및 진척 사항 안내, 정기 공지 정책 변경 안내, 서비스 공개 기념 TOKA 토큰 홀딩 보상 이벤트 안내

TOKA 전용 서비스의 구조 및 진척 사항을 안내합니다.   TOKA 백서에 명시한 대로, TOKA는 자산을 유동적으로…

[공지] TOKA(TOKA) 토큰의 1차 에어드랍 이벤트 완료 안내, 2차 에어드랍 이벤트 후속 공지 예고

TOKA(TOKA)토큰의 1차 에어드랍 이벤트가 성공적으로 완료되었음을 안내드립니다.   이번 ORBS 에어드랍은 Pt. TOKA Nasional Indonesia.가 기존…
TOKA Platform : Digital Asset Distribution Platform


TOKA aims to give reasonable incentives to ecosystem participants.
Through this process, a virtuous circle structure is created in which the activation of the platform and community is facilitated.
There are currently three services planned by TOKA.
(1) is a token transaction service with Stabilizing Engine.
(2) is a service that enables tokenization of real assets.
(3) is a service that makes you to trade items (copyright and content) via the Smart Contract.

Principle : Tokenize All


& Mission

In 2017, 902 blockchain projects funded a total of $ 6.1 billion(approximately 6.7 trillion won) through ICO. However, only about 40% of projects have been successfully implemented, which has resulted in a blurred blockchain project and the resulting decline in the reliability of blockchain services. In this context, TOKA is a service platform designed for successful blockchain project acceleration and real-world application of dApp.

At present, there are two main reasons why tokens and blockchain services are difficult to use. The reason for this is that no adequate infrastructure has yet been established for the tokens to be used as currency and the usage of the tokens does not match the monetary usage of current currency. To solve this issue, TOKA has noted that tokens can be used as proof of ownership and contractual relationships.


Utility Token Distribution Platform

  • Utility Token-oriented platform for usage of blockchain services
  • Community and user-focused token distribution ecosystem
  • Transparent allocation of platform revenue
  • Participation in the token listing and platform management
  • Transaction fee mining method
Security Token Distribution Platform

  • An environment where you can Tokenize various business areas
  • Creating a healthy ecosystem of Security Token in line with international guidelines
  • Token issuance, fundraising, listing, distribution, growth, management support
  • P2P Transaction service
  • Donation and crowdfunding services
Copyright and Content Distribution Platform

  • Ecosystem that allows anyone can distribute copyright and contents reasonably
  • Offer personal or collective-owned assets to platform users
  • Copyright and asset management
  • Support for content sales
  • Profits from sales are distributed transparently through pre-written Smart contracts

Initially, the platform will have minimal functionality, and we will apply new features in the future.


Stabilizing Engine
This solves the price variability problem so that the tokens can be utilized in the blockchain service. It is an independent, stable currency issuing service available at the service layer. It can minimize price volatility and be used for service by using three methods such as security setting, money flow control, and order book management. All of this is done by Ensemble Decision of three kinds of AI Engine, without human and central intervention.

Contract Generating Engine
This creates an environment that allows individuals and companies to easily implement services that utilize blockchain. It is planned to provide a service that enables smart contracts to be written easily and safely, so that tokens can be issued according to the purpose. At this time, the token serves as proof of contract.

Payment Protocol
It provides payment, remittance and exchange services based on blockchain. This aims to create an environment in which utility tokens can actually be used on blockchain services. By simplifying the existing payment system procedures and minimizing the intermediate costs, it maximizes the service utilization convenience of the general users and makes the blockchain based service easy to use.

TOKA Token

TOKA(TOKA) Token is a token that can be used universally within the TOKA platform. TOKA(TOKA) acts as a bridge between blockchain economy and real currency. Thus, the purpose of the TOKA(TOKA) token is to create an environment in which the various tokens in the TOKA platform can be incorporated into the blockchain service.

TOKA(TOKA) is the currency plays a central role in the TOKA. This can be used as part of an activation strategy when (1) sharing revenue generated within the platform, (2) determining the platform’s policy, and (3) giving incentives to participants in the platform ecosystem.

Contract Address : 0x4ca819d706ee515c81b11651bf1a902344223d04
Decimals : 18

The flow of the TOKA token economy is as follows :

+ Token Management

TOKA manages the issuance and the allocation of TOKA(TOKA).

+ Utility

TOKA(TOKA) is the central currency used to purchase, sell, and distribute tangible or intangible goods within TOKA Platform.

+ Contribution

TOKA distributes TOKA(TOKA) to people who have contributed to the development of the ecosystem.

+ Circulation

TOKA distributes the TOKA(TOKA) obtained by the people through the payment protocol or by TOKA’s buyback to the mining pool and distributes it to those who contribute to the ecosystem. This creates a virtuous circle of ecosystems.

+ Semi-permanent mining

TOKA plans to purchase TOKA(TOKA) through continuous buyback and return the TOKA(TOKA) purchased here to a mining pool to prevent the mining system from being stopped, providing semi-permanent sustainable services.

+ Exchange

Users can trade TOKA(TOKA) in TOKA Platform and other digital token exchanges.

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